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Hydrocodone is available in the market in combination with other ingredients. Some hydrocodone combination medicines are used to reduce mild to severe pain, while other hydrocodone combination drugs are recommended by physicians to relieve cough. This medication comes under opiate analgesics and is in a group of medicines called antitussives. The medication provides relief from pain by changing the way the nervous system and brain respond to pain. The dose of hydrocodone relieves cough by reducing the activities in the part of brain which causes coughing. You should consume hydrocodone in combination with another drug. 

How Should Hydrocodone be Used?

The medication may become habit-forming even if you take it in regular doses. Therefore, follow the recommendations by your doctor and read all the medication guides properly in order to prevent any side effects. Never use the dosages longer than prescribed or in larger amounts without consulting with a doctor. If you feel an urge to take more doses, tell your doctor about this immediately. You should not share the doses with another person, particularly somebody with a history of addiction or drug abuse. Misuse can cause overdose, addiction or even death. You can easily buy Hydrocodone online after getting medical approval from your healthcare practitioner.    

You should keep hydrocodone in a safe place away from kids. Do not open, break or crush an extended-release pill. In addition, swallow it whole in order to prevent vulnerability to a potentially lethal dose. You should not break or crush a pill to inhale the powder. Also, do not mix it in a liquid to inject the dose into your vein. 

Before Taking the Medication

You should not take this drug if you are allergic to it. Moreover, if you have a blockage in the intestines or stomach, or if you have breathing problems, you should not consume the doses. Inform your physician if you ever had heart rhythm disorder, problems with pancreas or gall bladder, liver or kidney disease, alcohol or drug addiction, problems in urinating, sleep apnea, breathing problems, seizures or a head injury. 

If you are taking hydrocodone while you are   pregnant, the baby can become dependent on this opioid medicine. This can cause potentially fatal symptoms of withdrawal in the new-born. If you are breast-feeding, take permission from your healthcare expert before taking the medication. If you notice slow breathing or severe drowsiness in your baby, tell your medic immediately. 

Adverse Effects

Get urgent medical assistance if you experience allergic reaction to this medicine, such as swelling of face or throat, difficulty in breathing or hives. Opioid medicine could slow or stop the breathing and even death might occur. You should get naloxone or immediate medical help if you experience slow breathing along with long pauses, difficulty in waking up, or blue coloured lips. Stop using hydrocodone if you have severe drowsiness or tremors, burning or pain sensation when urinating, slow or weak heartrate, shallow or noisy breathing, low cortisol levels, high serotonin level in the body, loss of coordination, or diarrhoea.  

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