Customers who visit our website to purchase their medicines or to obtain information should be familiar with our terms and conditions. Here, you can get to know about our website policies regarding the disclosure, use and collection of personal data. As you go through our website, you agree to the policies and terms mentioned throughout.

Third Party Websites

As you explore our website, you will see different types of advertisements appearing on the webpage. You need to know that these ads have been displayed by third-party sites. Third party sites use web beacons, JavaScript or cookies in their links to these ads or publications. The overall objective is to analyse the effect of the advertisements that run on the site. We want our visitors to check the privacy policy of third-party websites shown on our site.

Web Cookies

Our website use cookies which would be stored as information by an online visitor. It would include webpages that are accessed by the visitors while they are exploring our website. It gets updated regularly as per the visitor access pages of the website.

Visitor’s Log Data

We gather the file logs of online users who visit our site. The information gets stored through the medium of browser. We might store information about IP address of your computer system, webpages visited, date and time of visit, browser version, etc. We may also utilize Google Analytics to monitor and gather data of the user and the services offered by us.

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